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Kuyalunga Traffic Solutions (Pty) Ltd strives to be a one-stop shop for all road safety and traffic management requirements. Kuyalunga has over the years grown its offering basket through either collaboration with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or acquisition of product & service practitioners. We will continue to be on the lookout for innovative solutions and products.

Fixed and Mobile

Speed Cameras







Back Office



Traffic Control


On-Street Parking


Advisory and Value

Added Services

LIXR Digital Mobile Speed Camera

5.1 Megapixel digital camera

2 lane capturing capability

Can stored up to  1 million images

512 bit encryption

Auto capture capability

Proudly South African product

SABS approved

LIXP Fixed Digital Speed and Red Light Camera

5.1 Megapixel digital camera

Bi-directional capturing

Can stored up to  1 million images, Ethernet & IP comms

512 bit encryption

Laser based technology, can monitor up to 8 lanes

Proudly South African product

SABS approved

Traffic Contravention Management System

The Evolution Traffic Management System is a fully integrated system which  addresses all key deliverables of a traffic department in respect of law enforcement. The system is true Microsoft Windows based system designed on the work on all relational database platforms. The system is expandable to adopt with changes in legislation. Kuyalunga Traffic Solutions has in-house software development skills in order to further customise or integrate Evolution with other systems to the benefit of the authorities


  • Integrated Camera Module
  • Back Office Management
  • Payment Management
  • Integrated Roadblock Module
  • Integrated Accident Module
  • On-Street Parking Management Module
  • Pound Management Module

Evolution Traffic Management System

Microsoft Windows based comprehensive management system

Full contravention management system

Integrated camera module

On and offline roadblock module

Accident module

Pound Management System

Integration to parking management system

Interface to third party payment channels

Data Centre Administration Services

Data capturing Services

Printing and postage

Summons serving and representation administration

Debt collection services

Customer services and expert evidence support services



Traffic controllers

Supply of traffic controllers

Installation of traffic lights

Repairs and maintenance of traffic lights

Traffic advisory and consultancy services

Traffic Light Street Furniture

LED signal heads

Supply of all accessories


On Street Parking Revenue Collection

Supply of hand held devices to collect parking revenue

Supply of parking marshals

On-street compliance monitoring

Supply of signages and stationary



ParkSys Back Office Management System

Live monitoring of street operations

Web based system

System driven operations procedures

Comprehensive reporting

Integrated to convenience payment channels such as mobile money, e-commerce websites and loyalty cards





Advisory Services

Traffic surveys for DPP applications

Traffic engineering advisory services for urban planning


Value Added Services

Smart roadblock systems for revenue enhancement

Software development and integration

Document digitization



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